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Trail of Painted Ponies Special Exclusive Releases
As of February, 2008, there have been four (4) special release Painted Ponies figurines. They are The Phoenix Pony, High Desert Horse Feathers, Run for the Roses and Maple Leaf Pony. Each was an exclusive release for a particular business.

Although these are "official" Trail of Painted Ponies collectibles produced by Westland, numbered in the usual way and so on, information about these painted ponies is difficult to find - even on the official site. Since information about these ponies on the "Trail" site is often difficult or impossible to find, we include it here.

You can purchase these three special release painted ponies from the places indicated in their descriptions below.

First special release painted pony

The Phoenix Pony

Trail of Painted Ponies - The Phoenix Pony by Wendy Wells-Bailey

The Phoenix Pony story tag reads:

The Ancient Ones called these deserts home. Then, around 1400 A.D., for unknown reasons, they mysteriously disappeared. Hundreds of years later, a new town would arise from the ruins that would be appropriately named “Phoenix” after the fabulous mythical bird of brilliant scarlet and gold plumage that was said to have perished in the flames, only to rise from the ashes. Created by Arizona artist, Wendy Wells-Bailey, “The Phoenix Pony” stands as a tribute to a timeless myth and the beautiful city that shares its name, and the human capacity for renewal and rebirth.”

Artist: Wendy Wells-Bailey
Sponsor: DELSTAR Companies, Inc.

The Phoenix Pony was inspired by The Phoenix Sculpture, commissioned by DELSTAR Companies, Inc. to be the official logo of The Phoenix Shop located in the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. The Phoenix Shop is entirely devoted to Phoenix and Arizona. It is a boutique attraction that presents shoppers with their dream of "take home" treasures from their exclusive product line.

The Phoenix Sculpture, as well as, The Phoenix Pony, is a tribute to both the City of Phoenix and to Sky Harbor's art program, which is praised as one of the best airport art programs in the entire country. The Phoenix Pony stands as a tribute to a timeless myth and the beautiful city that shares its name, and to the human capacity for renewal and rebirth.

The Phoenix Pony was commissioned by and is exclusive to DELSTAR Companies, Inc. through The Trail of Painted Ponies.

Arizona artist, Wendy Wells-Bailey, sculpted the original tabletop sized Phoenix Pony. The Pony was then reproduced in its current collectible representation as a sequentially numbered edition figurine exclusively available through DELSTAR Companies website and its selected retail gift shops.

Available at the DelStar Group Stores and by telephone. $50.00 plus shipping.

You may learn even more about this RESIN pony and purchase it at: The DELSTAR Co.

Second special release painted pony

High Desert Horse Feathers

Trail of Painted Ponies - High Desert Horse Feathers by Kathy Morrow

The High Desert Horse Feathers story tag reads:

Native American influences have been a part of Kathy Morrow's life since childhood: she was raised on the San Carlos Apache and Pine Ridge Sioux Indian Reservations, where her father organized Indian police departments. Many of her paintings reflect Native American legends. With her design, the white plume of an eagle feather stretches along each side of the Pony, forming the perfect background for a series of four painted horses that represent the rainbow of mankind - black man, yellow man, red man and white man. The total effect is an image of harmony at its best.

Artist: Kathy Morrow
Sponsor: High Desert State Bank

(NOTE: The sponsor was actually Ken and Barb Hummel, but a mistake was made on the tag.)

Created by artist Kathy Morrow, the original, full-sized pony was simply named "Horse Feathers", but the name was changed prior to the release of the figurine to "High Desert Horse Feathers" to distinguish it from other Trail of Painted Ponies using "Horse Feathers" in their name.

Today, the full-sized High Desert Horse Feathers resides in the lobby of Rio Rancho branch of High Desert State Bank located at 3002 Southern Blvd. SE in Albuquerque, NM.

As a figurine, High Desert Horse Feathers will be a special member of the Trail of Painted Ponies due to it's striking design and limited 1st edition #'d production run. The initial production run on this pony was 1,500, but because of incredible demand, 3,500 more 1st editions were purchased by the bank. Due to this short production run, High Desert Horse Feathers will not be sold in stores.

Available on our site starting at $149.95 at (this site) or at High Desert State Bank in Albuquerque for opening a specified account.

You may learn even more about this RESIN painted pony and purchase it at: iShopSouthwest - High Desert Horse Feathers.

Third special release painted pony

Run for the Roses

Trail of Painted Ponies - Run for the Roses by Janee Hughes

The Run for the Roses story tag reads:

The Kentucky Derby is the most prestigious horse race in the America. In a matter of seconds, hopes can be dashed, dreams can be realized, and fortunes can be won or lost. The outcome is never sure until those final moments when horses and jockies thunder down the home stretch. Equestrian artist extraordinaire, Janee Hughes, has captured the excitement of the race for the finish line in the bright colors and straining muscles of the horses and riders...with the roses as a reminder of the importance of the outcome.

Artist: Janee Hughes
Sponsor: Dillard's

In appreciation of its commitment to Painted Ponies, when Dillard's expressed the desire to come out with an exclusive figurine, available only at Dillard's stores for a limited period of time, the "Trail" welcomed the interest. Dillard's selected "Run for the Roses," by Janee Hughes, one of the most popular Painted Pony artists.

According to Janee, this Pony embodies not only the excitement of horse racing, but the spirit of the Kentucky Derby. "The Derby is the most prestigious race in America," she says. "It is the culmination of many years of hopes and dreams for the hundreds of people involved. In a few seconds, hopes can be dashed, dreams can be realized, and fortunes can be won or lost. Anything can happen in a horse race. The outcome is never sure until those final moments when the horses and jockeys thunder to the finish line. I tried to capture this excitement in the bright colors and straining muscles of the horses and riders, with the roses always a reminder of the importance of the moment."

Dillard's stores across the country will be carrying the Run for the Roses CERAMIC Pony exclusively. If you are interested in Run for the Roses ($28 plus shipping on the web), visit your local Dillard's department store OR go to the web page at:

Dillard's Toll Free Shopping #: 1-800-345-5273.

Fourth special release painted pony

Maple Leaf Pony

Trail of Painted Ponies - Maple Leaf Pony by Jennifer Kessler

The Maple Leaf Pony story tag reads:

The Canadian Horse originated from horses sent to Quebec by King Louis XIV in the late 1600s. Adapting to extreme conditions and sparse feed, it evolved into a hardy easy-keeper that, according to lore, is capable of generating "more power per hundred pounds of body weight than horses of any other breed." Most commonly black in color, good-natured and truly versatile, it is a natural "canvas" for a horse that represents all of Canada. Covered with 14 maple leafs - signifying 10 provinces and 3 territories that are unified by a large maple leaf draped over its back - and running above a map of Canada, this exclusive Painted Pony was created by a Canadian artist who runs a small boarding and riding facility named Justa Lil Ranch in the far northern reaches of Alberta.

Artist: Jennifer Kessler
Sponsor: Equi-Line Plus

The first "international" pony, the Maple Leaf Pony was created exclusively for Equi-Line Plus in Canada.

These ponies are only available in Canada and will be limited to a 1st production run of 3000 pieces!

Whether any additional ponies will be produced is yet unknown.

This special release can be purchased directly from Equi-Line Plus's retail web site ( while limited supplies last. Click HERE!

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