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Painted Ponies Set 7
Scroll down to see the painted ponies. This was the seventh set of painted ponies to be released.

We no longer carry the painted ponies from the seventh herd.

PRINTER FRIENDLY version of the pony information shown below (2 page printout with images).

As owners of Old Town Emporium in 2001, we actually sponsored "The Magician" for the Trail of Painted Ponies that year. To see some photos of the original, life size pony, click here.

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Silver Lining
#12219 - Resin.
Herd #7 - Spring, 2006.
Artist: Star Liana York

In Greek mythology, Pegasus is regarded as the horse of the Muses, and has always been at the service of poets. And so the story is told of a handsome youth who jumped on the back of a horse that unfolded the splendor of a mighty set of wings and soared towards the heavens... where he can still be seen as the star constellation, Pegasus. Santa Fe sculptor and horsewoman Star Liana York created the original, crystal-eyed interpretation of the legendary flying steed to benefit a therapeutic horseback riding program.

Woodland Hunter
#12220 - Resin.
Herd #7 - Spring, 2006.
Artist: Kevin Kilhoffer

"Woodland Hunter came to me through research and study of the northern plains tribes," says Kevin Kilhoffer, a native of western Oklahoma who studies, draws and paints the American West. "I found records of a Franciscan missionary stationed at a fur trade fort dating back to 1836, and in his notes he described a Teton Sioux warrior who rode into the fort wearing a magnificent war shirt adorned with scalps and wonderful art work decorating his horse." Incorporating markings that tell of deeds, wisdom, wealth and bravery, and outfitting his Pony with a shield, weapons, saddle and bags for transporting food, Kevin has created an astounding and historically accurate tribute to that plains Indian warrior.

Fetish Pony
#12221 - Resin.
Herd #7 - Spring, 2006.
Artist: Lynn Bean

To Native Americans, a fetish is any object that possesses "spirit power." They believe that when the object is treated with respect, the spirit that resides within can bring its owner good luck, good health and a harmonious life. With this in mind, Oregon painter Lynn Bean created an extraordinary "fetish pony" on which the spirit images of different horses seem to emerge from inside a sandstone carving of a host horse, who wears a "power pack" of feathers, beads and shells on its back.

The Magician
#12222 - Resin.
Herd #7 - Spring, 2006.
Artist: Anderson Kee

In certain plains Indian tribes there was a special tribal figure who spoke to and for the horses. He was believed to possess supernatural powers, and called "The Magician." As rendered by Taos artist Andersen Kee, who was born on the Navajo Reservation and whose mother was a weaver and father a silversmith, the "Magician" is releasing a herd of multi-colored spirit Ponies from the inside of his elkskin robe, and then gathering them on the backside.

Year of the Horse
#12223 - Resin.
Herd #7 - Spring, 2006.
Artist: Lori Musil

Painted in conjunction with the Chinese "Year of the Horse", this western and wildlife artist from Cerrillos, NM created a classic celebration of the different horse breeds of America. From the American Quarter Horse to the Thoroughbred, Appaloosa and American Paint, ten horses move gracefully and majestically across the curves and bulges of the original sculpture, each exhibiting a personality of its own, with a style and flair that is Lori's personal hallmark.

Native People
#12224 - Ceramic.
Herd #7 - Spring, 2006. Retired - January 2007.
Artist: Frank Salcido

"As an artist, I have always had this vision of different cultures around the world coming together sharing their beliefs, customs, blending as one on this small planet we call Mother Earth," says Frank Salcido, a Navajo from the Standing House Clan, living in Portland, Oregon. With both sides of his Pony's face represented by Aztec and Mayan warriors, adorned with tribal figures from an Australian Aborigine to an African Masai woman, Frank has fulfilled his artisic mission of using positive themes to contemporarily showcase traditional lifestyles.

Gift Horse
#12225 - Ceramic.
Herd #7 - Spring, 2006. Retired - January 2007.
Artist: Misty Lynn Auld

In celebration of the way Painted Ponies have become the perfect gift for holidays, birthdays and anniversaries, we asked Misty, an artist from Columbus, Ohio who is a member of League of Animal Artists, to create a Pony that would be appropriate for every gift-giving occasion. Standing on a beautifully wrapped purple package, dressed with cakes, party hats, streamers, balloons and presents, and wearing a candy-colored halter, "Gift Horse" is a virtual Painted Pony party that is as much fun as it is innovative.

Horsepower to Burn
#12226 - Ceramic.
Herd #7 - Spring, 2006.
Artist: Rich Mattson; Sponsor: A NASCAR fan

He came of age in the '50s, when hotrods and drag racing were "cool," when flames and checkered flags were stock images in car magazines. Years later, after three-decades teaching art and coaching basketball and winning an award as the New Mexico Art Educator of the year in 1988, Rich would draw on those times, those memories, when he was encouraged to paint a Pony by a NASCAR fan.







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