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Painted Ponies Christmas Set 2007
Scroll down to see the painted ponies. This was the set of painted ponies released for Christmas 2007.

We will not carry the painted ponies from the Christmas 2007 herd.

PRINTER FRIENDLY version of the pony information shown below (1 page printout with images).

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Gingerbread Pony
#12256 - Resin.
Christmas 2007 Herd - Fall, 2007.
Artist: Lynn Bean

Come Christmas in artist Lynn Bean’s home, baking gingerbread cookies was a cherished tradition. “As my mother rolled out the dough, my sister and I would press the cookie cutter designs of stars, bells, animals and people. The yummy smell of gingerbread baking would fill the kitchen. After the cookies cooled we would add frosting and decorations. Then we would eat the rejects, making enough to take to Grandma’s house or for friends at school.” With these magical memories in mind, Lynn designed a Pony of frosted cookies and candies, complete with a Christmas country scene of an old barn and a gingerbread family leading a pony among the trees and bells of the holiday.

Poinsettia Pony
#12257 - Resin.
Christmas 2007 Herd - Fall, 2007.
Artist: Maria Ryan

Along with the traditional Christmas tree, poinsettias, with their large and showy leaves, are a staple of the holidays. Indeed, when visiting friends or going to holiday parties, the choice gift to bring the hostess is a pretty poinsettia plant in full bloom. This season Idaho painter Maria Ryan has created a different kind of poinsettia as a gift… which is accompanied by this short verse: “Somehow not only at Christmas but all the long year through… the joy that you give to others is the joy that comes back to you.”

Penguin Express
#12258 - Resin
Christmas 2007 Herd - Fall, 2007.
Artist: Maria Ryan

Penguins, the subject of several popular movies, have achieved star power. Their current appeal almost rivals the appeal that the horse has to people. Watching them waddle and slide around the ice and snow of the Antarctic in their “tuxedos,” it’s easy to see why. So it was natural for Idaho painter Maria Ryan to combine the two, and to imagine a scene in which a holiday Pony transports a penguin family across the ice in a snow storm.

Feliz Navidad
#12259 - Resin.
Christmas 2007 Herd - Fall, 2007.
Artist: Janee Hughes

Snow and reindeer are a traditional part of winter holiday celebrations, but in warmer climates, the festive season is known for other things. This happy Pony embodies the cultural traditions of our neighbor to the south, Mexico – music, dancing, the posada, poinsettia, piñata, and most of all, joyful children!



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