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Painted Ponies Christmas 2005 Set
Scroll down to see the painted ponies. This was the set of painted ponies released for Christmas 2005.

We no longer carry the painted ponies from the Christmas 2005 herd.

PRINTER FRIENDLY version of the pony information shown below (1 page printout with images).

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Big Red
#12215 - Resin.
Christmas 2005 Herd - Fall, 2005.
Artist: The Trail of Painted Ponies Design Department

A culturally diverse and worldly fellow, Santa has many interpretations and different names: Father Christmas in England, Kriss Kringle in Germany, Pere Noel in France, Saint Nicholas in the Netherlands. But almost universally he is a plump and jolly figure who dresses in red, carries a bulging sack on his back, and brings gifts to good children. Destined to become a classic, "Big Red" is a lavish and loving example of how the symbol of Christmas is no longer just a decorated Christmas tree, but is now all about artistic expression.

Deck the Halls
#12216 - Resin.
Christmas 2005 Herd - Fall, 2005.
Artist: The Trail of Painted Ponies Design Department

Imagine a Painted Pony spruced up as a Christmas tree in fresh greenery, decorated with vintage Christmas ornaments and red bows, strung with tinsel garland and multi-colored lights, and posed on a Christmas skirt that sparkles like a magic carpet. That’s what the Design Department of The Trail of Painted Ponies had in mind when it created a seasonal selection that captures the Christmas Magic expressed in the carol, "Deck the Halls."

Happy Holidays
#12217 - Resin.
Christmas 2005 Herd - Fall, 2005.
Artist: Mike Dowdall

Think Christmas on the ranch… tacking up your trusty horse with a seasonal saddle blanket, tying on stockings instead of saddlebags and buckling up a breast collar that tinkles like sleigh bells… then riding over to the neighbor’s cabin to share hearth and home. Could there be a better way to spread holiday cheer? Mike Dowdall, designer at Westland Giftware, didn’t think so when he created "Happy Holidays."

Reindeer Roundup
#12218 - Resin.
Christmas 2005 Herd - Fall, 2005.
Artist: Joy Steuerwald

In hopes of drawing Santa’s sleigh through the Christmas sky like the red-nosed Rudolph, this reindeer-wannabe tried to disguise the fact he was a Painted Pony by rounding up a set of antlers and throwing a gaudy saddle blanket on his back that lights up the night with stars. Even if he doesn’t get a chance to pull Santa’s sleigh, he will bring cheer to the season, and make this a memorable Christmas for those who find him prancing under their tree. Joy is a designer at Westland Giftware.








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