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Painted Ponies Christmas Set 2004
Scroll down to see the painted ponies. This was the set of painted ponies released for Christmas of 2004.

We no longer carry the painted ponies from the Christmas 2004 herd.
To see the ponies from the 2007 Christmas set, CLICK HERE.

PRINTER FRIENDLY version of the pony information shown below (1 page printout with images).

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#12201 - Ceramic.
Christmas 2004 Herd - Fall, 2004.
Artist: Janee Hughes

Drawing on imagery from the 19th century Russian ballet, "The Nutcracker", Janee, a former art teacher from Salem, Oregon, has created a strikingly original and theatrical tribute to this Christmas tradition, as perfect in detail as a Faberge egg. The Nutcraker Pony is about magic and music and family and celebration.

#12202 - Resin.
Christmas 2004 Herd - Fall, 2004.
Artist: Judith Fudenski

Remembering Christmas eve snowfalls at her grandparent's lake cottage, watching big lazy flakes drift through the night sky and "dreaming of the pony that Santa would surely bring this year," moved this professional musician and bookstore owner from Sunnyside, Washington, to create this new Christmas classic.

Christmas Clydesdale
#12203 - Resin.
Christmas 2004 Herd - Fall, 2004.
Artist: Mike Dowdall and Joy Steuerwald; Sponsor: Westland Giftware

Imagine a Christmas sled full of laughing children being pulled down a snowy city street by a massive but reliable draft horse festively adorned with a holly wreath... and you have the inspiration for this Christmas Pony. Mike, the Art Director at Westland Giftware, has been a designer in the industry for over 25 years. Joy is a designer and Product Development Coordinator at Westland.

Golden Girl
#12204 - Resin.
Christmas 2004 Herd - Fall, 2004. Retired: Feb., 2006
Artist: Joy Steuerwald; Sponsor: Westland Giftware

In a serene and magestic setting among heavenly clouds, the angelic Golden Girl watches the hustle and bustle of life below - and wishes for peace on Earth. A designer at Westland Giftware, Joy is a published children's book illustrator and has also worked in the children's educational CD-ROM industry.








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