Silver Bells
#12235 - Resin.
Christmas 2006 Herd - Fall, 2006.
Artist: Janee Hughes

"A silver-gray horse in fancy harness is the perfect representative of the beauty of the season," according to Oregon painter/writer Janee Hughes. After looking at her Pony, she asks us to close our eyes and imagine, "The tinkle of his sleigh bells - the only sound emerging from the deep quiet of softly falling snow. Mane flying, tail waving, and feathered legs lifted high, as he invites everyone to go for a ride!"

#12236 - Resin.
Christmas 2006 Herd - Fall, 2006.
Artist: Janee Hughes

The magic in that old silk hat is always welcome around the holidays.... With that in mind, artist/writer Janee Hughes livens up the season with a Pony that carries a crowd of jolly, happy, dancing snowmen on its back who, as the children say, can laugh and play just the same as you and me.

Polar Express
#12237 - Resin.
Christmas 2006 Herd - Fall, 2006.
Artist: J.E. Speight

The original Santa Claus, St. Nicholas, is said to have delivered gifts to children while riding a magnificent white horse. Flying reindeer are OK, but this gifted artist from the Pacific Northwest asks us to imagine what it would look like "if Santa still delivered toys from the back of a beautiful white horse."

#12218 - Resin.
Christmas 2006 Herd - Fall, 2006.
Artist: Olena Kalayda

She has come to love the desert landscapes of Arizona, but this immigrant artist from the Ukraine says "I miss the glistening of the snow on sunny winter days, the diamond sparkling beauty of frozen forests, the incredible patterns of fantasy plants and animals that crystallize on winter windows." Inspired by those wonderland memories, and painting in the 18th century style of country people who would beautify their homes with floral paintings on the walls that included birds of paradise and swirls of silver lace, Olena has created a gorgeous tribute to the magical beauty of winter around the world.