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Ornament Punched Tin Painted
Screen Saver of fine art by Louise Minks

Southwestern and Mexican punched tin Christmas ornaments. Painted Punched Tin Christmas ornaments.

 * Hand punched and painted.

 * These ornaments are all hand made and some variation in color and/or designs will exist. This is the charm of handicrafts, each ornament is actually "ONE OF A KIND."

 * Made by Mexican artisans.

Buy a number of each or choose from:

 >>  Gecko - 5 1/2" X 4" . A true southwestern native, the gecko can be found wandering through peaceful residential neighborhoods. Hand punched and painted.

 >>  Kokopelli - 3" X 4". Thought to bring joy and happiness to your home, this petroglyph is a part of the Native American and Southwestern culture. Hand punched tin that has been painted.

 >>  Cactus - 2 1/2" X 5". The Seguaro cactus is the one that comes to everyones mind when they think of a Southwestern cactus. Hand punched tin.

 >>  Chili Pepper - Large 2" X 5 1/2" (2" at widest spot). A new tradition in the southwest is the search for the chili ornament hidden among the boughs of the christmas tree. The chili represents strength, tradition, and family love. The first child to find the ornament on christmas morning will have good luck for the entire year.

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More ornaments below:
Ornament Punched Tin
Hand punched tin ornaments in the Southwestern tradition. Made in New Mexico. -- $ 4.99
Ornaments - Painted Metal (Flat Finish)
Southwestern and novelty Christmas ornaments in painted metal with a flat (matte) finish. -- $ 4.99
Ornaments - Painted Metal Christmas Ornaments with a Shiny Finish
Christmas ornaments in Southwestern and novelty designs. -- $ 4.99
Ornament - Decoration - Miniature Mexican Sombrero
Miniature Mexican sombrero or Charro hat that can be used as a decoration or Christmas tree ornament. This sombrero comes in a variety of colors. -- $ 4.99
Ornament - Terra Cotta
Southwestern design hand-crafted terra cotta (clay) ornaments. -- $ 6.99
Ornament - Dream Catcher - Native American Made Christmas Ornaments
Native American Christmas Ornament - Indian made Dream Catcher -- $ 8.99
Ornament - Drum
Actual hand crafted drums with a Southwest flair. -- $ 7.99
Ornament - Acoma Pueblo Plate - Native American Made
A real hand painted pottery plate in the form of an ornament. -- $ 16.99
Ornament - Rug with Native American Designs
Rug ornaments feature six popular Navajo designs. -- $ 7.99
Ornament - Southwestern Theme Tree Trimmer
Tree Trimmer ornaments are eye-catching and affordable. -- $ 6.99
Ornament or Wall Decoration - Mexican Stoneware Cross
Mexican Stoneware Cross Christmas Ornament or Wall Decoration -- $ 4.99
Ornament - Southwestern Plate
Ornament - Southwestern Plate -- $ 4.99
Ornament - Round
These Southwestern theme ornaments reflect the diverse cultures of the southwest. Native American images by J D Challenger. -- $ 7.99
Ornaments - Mini Luminarias
Southwest Christmas ornaments - Mini Luminarias (paper bag shape) -- $ 6.99
Ornaments - Adornments - Painted Metal
Christmas and Holiday Adornments. Hang one on the tree or anywhere in the house. -- $ 6.99
Ornaments - Rock Art (Petroglyph) ceramic Christmas ornaments
Hand painted ceramic Christmas ornaments with rock art (petroglyph) designs. Made in Arizona USA -- $ 6.99
Ornament - Yarn Doll Navajo made Christmas Ornament
Native American made yarn doll Christmas ornament. Yarn color and clothing pattern and color will vary. -- $ 8.99
Native American Dream Catcher Ornament (Large)
Ornament - Dream Catcher (lg) - Native American Made -- $ 14.99

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