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Native American Dream Catcher Ornament (Large)

Native American Christmas ornament (4 inch Dream Catcher).

These dream catchers are hand made by Native Americans in New Mexico.

The dreamcatcher ring is 4 inches across. A smaller 2 1/2 inch version is on another page. (See below).

The overall length is 11 to 13 inches from the top of the ring to the bottom of the feathers.

Each dream catcher is adorned with a crystal or arrowhead as an extra good luck "fetish".

Dream catchers will vary somewhat due to their hand crafting, but are very close to what is pictured.

The color of the webbing and the beads will vary. Some typical examples of what you may expect are pictured to the left.

Each Dream Catcher comes with a tag giving the legend of the dream catcher and the name and census # of the Native American who crafted it.

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