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Chili Pepper Lights
chili pepper lights

Chili Pepper Lights Set at $13.99. Each set has 35 lights/peppers.

A Great Price for all red or mixed color chile pepper lights sets!

If you do not have light strings to spare or simply want the convenience of a pre-assembled set of indoor or outdoor chili pepper lights, this is for you. Also called Mardi Gras lights, Fiesta lights and jalapeno pepper lights.

Simply take this set out of the box and plug it in.

35 soft plastic "crystal" peppers per set.

Three sets are available:
1) all red;
2) mixed red, green and yellow; and
3) mixed red, green, yellow and purple.

Shipping as low as $5.49 for 1 set of chili pepper lights!
Less per set when you buy more than one set!
Eight (8) or more sets ship free!

Use these chili pepper light string sets to decorate your Christmas tree or decorate a doorway, deck, RV, patio or porch for the holidays or any party occasion.
Our chili pepper lights have been decorating homes in CA - California, AZ - Arizona, NM - New Mexico, IL - Illinois, FL - Florida and everywhere in between since 2000.

  • 120 Volt Made for USA. Adaptor needed for 240Volt countries.
  • UL approved lights set (indoor/outdoor use)
  • 4” spacing, 17” lead wire (approx. 12.5 ft. long)
  • 2 spare bulbs and 1 fuse
  • End to end connection.

Having a party? Look around our site for other chili pepper collectibles and novelty items! We also have FREE Southwestern recipes, CLICK HERE.

We are a source you can trust. We are not the new kid on the block or someone who will be gone the next time you need something. We have been selling chili pepper lights on the web since 2000.

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